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An Existence Question
Written by Tracy Diaz    Friday, 07 August 2009 19:42    PDF Print E-mail


(Quote)  The day you were born is what most people say the day of your existence; in a way and at least, they were technically correct.  But I say, the day of your existence is the day when you realized that you exist… the lives of others.  And there should be no questions about it.



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           How could you say that you are human if you had not touched other’s lives?  Being human is the existence given by God to propagate His divinity, or at least His power to open eyes and touch hearts.  It was also the existence that God despised which gave Him the reason in setting free our original parents, Adam and Eve, in order that they may find and discover themselves.  To succinctly propose it, listen!  If you had not the power, then you were not human, yes, at all.


          The collocation of human is not death, but life; and the life itself connotes the bestest understanding of interaction, touch and relation.  There is no other way that one can say otherwise.  Human is life.  Being human is the core of getting that life running.  One can run as fast and as slow as he desires.  The whole arena is his not anyone’s. It always depends on the life handler.


          And so at this point, I say, “I am power because I am my life’s handler; and, yes, I touch people’s lives….big time!”  But this does not stop from here.


          I touch lives and others touch mine as well; and they usually touch it with gusto. 


          When a friend wants me to feel sober, I feel that way.  It is easy to turn my soberness on. Just start that first deep meaningful grin and I am on it.  The whole day may even end up just me talking, appeasing my conversant partner at the time instead. I evolve that simple.  I radiate my humanity, is all.


          When a stranger wants me to give, I share outright.  It is not hard at all to grip my heart tight.  Just that look will give me away.  I may even end up having a churning stomach, walking without a cent because of my sensitive heart.


          And when an enemy crushes me without reason, I retort back with the whole world watching. But it is not easy to do this because I am a human with substance and humans, as I strongly believe, shall never be pricked by a shallow gush of insecurity flowing from the other side. And even if that attack is considered not humane at the outset, I may still find my right humanity intact.  I just pray it to stop; and only when it does not that I will start questioning my humanity and being humane, plus my existence per se.  (Unquote)


          And that was the riddler’s talking.  Did you get it?  Me? Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!



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