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What's for 2010?

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"Life is beautiful"

I hear this often and so I catch myself saying it is. But what makes it so? With all the annoyances and adversities that we deal everyday, how can this be so true?


Ang Nakaraan

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Pero hindi maaari, nangyari na ang dapat mangyari, itinakda nga sabi nila...

Minsan sa buhay ng tao hindi maiwasan ang makagawa ng pagkakamali, kasunod nito ang pagsisisi na sana'y hindi nya na lang ginawa ang isang darating sa puntong gusto nyang bumalik sa nakaraan upang itama ang isang pagkakamali...

Itinakda nga ba o tayo lang talaga ang may gawa? Kung ano man ang kasagutan, ang magagawa na lang natin ay itama ang nakaraan sa mga susunod na hakbang. Hindi man ito maaaring balikan, sigurado kaya mo itong itama at ibaon sa limot ang lahat...

Payo lang, SMILE ka muna bago mo itama ang lahat...

Good luck :-)

Christmas Is Around The Corner

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Today is December 14, 2009, it is the 348th day of the year (349th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 17 days remaining until the end of the year. It is nine (9) days more before Christmas. People are busy about buying stuff in preparation of this coming holiday season. Family, relatives and friends will be gathering together to celebrate this once in a year holy event.

I remember when I was still a child, the happiest days of my life were my birthday,  Christmas and New year. For obvious and common reasons for children and maybe some adults, too. In our country (Philippines), we are preparing for Christmas and New year as early as September because of the word "ber" (at the end of Septem) which means the coming succeeding months will all end in "ber" and, to us, that sounds pretty much of Christmas as it is celebrated in "DecemBER". We are so excited preparing early because we don't wanna miss something on our list like gift giving, to remind family and relatives to spend Christmas with us, friends to invite, god children (in tagalog-"inaanak"), the Christmas menu that will be served, Christmas decorations, our clothes to wear on that special day, listed activities/itineraries before Christmas, The nine Christmas dawn masses (in tagalog-simbang gabi: a Filipino tradition) and many more. Christmas is around the corner.


December 25 is THE BIRTH OF OUR DEAR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. We must not forget about HIM. Let's count our blessings and pray. Christmas is about giving unselfish love, forgiveness and asking for forgiveness, it is giving yourself to others by serving and loving others, our neighbors as Christian without even asking any in return.. which I strongly believe is the TRUE MEANING of Christmas.


Have yourself a loving and blessed Christmas!


The Day I Say Goodbye!

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          We shall remember this day…This is the day when I finally say goodbye to the sorrows (sic) of my life.  And…I love you.


안녕! = Annyeong!

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안녕! = Annyeong! means….

1. How are you?

2. Hi!


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My sweetheart loves me so much and he always show it by keeping his promises to me. He always find time to be with me during weekends and holidays. He always make sure to spend every dinner with me after work. And if he cannot, he will inform me that he's going out with friends. But he still make sure to call or send me messages during his time with friends to check if how am I spending my "me time" at home (which is everyday). He hangs out with friends once or twice a week only to have beers together and discuss about their fantasy football or baseball. He goes to work before seven in the morning and will go home at four o' clock in the afternoon.  

   One day morning, I was curious about him. I looked at his laptop and began to turn it on. I asked myself "What am I doing?". But then, the naughty side of me wondered that he might hiding something from me. I was really nervous to invade his privacy but I only wanna know if he's really sincere about his words and actions on me. It was easy to open his email accounts and other stuff because he saved his password. Then, I logged in to his facebook account... I saw a young lady there about 23 years old saying hi to him, with flirty pictures of her like seducing him. I was so sure that he did not check his facebook acccount that day because he was busy. I deleted the message and began to explore the identity of that girl. I copied her email address and checked on friendster and even google her name. I found out that this girl is a teacher from the Philippines. They became friends via dating site which made me paranoid. He visited this girl before in the Philippines. I also caught the same girl sending messages thru yahoo messenger.  

   I made a plan so this young girl will stop flirting with my sweetheart. I went online to my facebook account to send her a friend request there. The following day, she accepted it. I asked her to be my neighbor (online) on Farmville and Yoville (famous online games on Facebook). But she was not always online. I went back to my sweetie's facebook account to check if she's posting a flirty message again to him. I was surprised she has never updated her status there (laughs). I just laughed and smile that day. I began to check his profile pictures and I felt so guilty that I saw my two pictures posted there. I thought I was not that important to him. I was really wrong... I was just paranoid. Or maybe I am just afraid of losing him. We sometimes doubt our loved-ones' feelings on us but did we ask ourselves if we truly love them? I felt like I was slapped on my face because I was the one loving him less. Such paranoia should never happened for he is a loving and caring man. It is so unfair not to trust him. I hated myself for spying on him.

   There is one quote that inspire me that day from my favorite author, Helen Keller. "When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us."

   I was afraid of losing him but that fear has something to do with my past. I must let go of it so I could continue to live my life of happiness with him. Free myself from worries of the past for this is a new beginning. A new life for me.


Re: Where is God? by Roy A.

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It is good to know that still, there are individuals like you who's very positive in a not so positive world.  I agree with you that God promised we are never alone and he is always with us.  But let me help you point where in the scripture you'll find God's promise. Heb 13:5 "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." Matt 28:20 "And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

I agree also that God's love is unconditional, therefore it is fair to say that God loves both the developed countries and the third world countries. You'll find this also in the scripture: 1 Peter 4:8, 1 Corinthians 13:1.

I'm glad that you know these things Roy and I want to bless you by giving you answers to some questions you had in the first part of your blog and I am hoping It will help and give you something to think of.

1. "Why are all these things happening?"
We cannot remove any foundation without destroying its building. Now we can renovate a building but that means the foundation is the same. It does apply also in families, groups, cities, organizations and nations.  These calamities are happening because God wanted to bless us.  For God to be able to bless and transform us (a nation), he needs to break us first for Him to be able to remove the foundation and put a new foundation which is based on righteousness. How can we expect that people will truly help and care each other if they are not broken, destroyed or ruined as you said. God's standard cannot be compromised, that is why He break us so that we will have a genuine repentance and love.  God's standard cannot be compromised that is why He requires a GENUINE change of heart.

2. "Why Philippines?"
Because God wanted to bless and to teach the (us) Philippines. Because God is righteous, He wanted to bless not only the Philippines, but also other countries.  Just look at what's happening around the world, at the same period calamities struck also in other countries, and for sure tons of calamities happened which are not published on the news.  Why Philippines? just like you said, "But if there's something apocalyptic going on, the Church is flooded with Church goers." God is using these calamities as a tool for us to be able to see and truly care and love our neighbors (Mark 12:31 "Love your neighbor as yourself.").  I don't think God's motive is not only for us to flood the churches, but also for us to have a righteous heart, to have a God fearing heart, to have a heart that will accept, acknowledge and honor Him as a personal God literally every single day and ultimately to have a heart like His.

3. "Why not ruin those developed countries that can afford to survive ravaging calamities?"
This is the truth, according to one economist, (which is logically true if we observe) if calamity strikes, the country that will have a high probability of survival, are those in third world countries bracket like Philippines.  Third world countries' economy still depends on its people's skills on acquiring basic needs. Literally, we Filipinos can plant almost anything and anywhere as a source of our food.  In contrary, because the developed countries' economy is custom-based, they will have a hard time to go back into basics when calamity strikes.  I mean a machine can't repair its own and its own kind if the machine itself is destroyed, unless a human will repair the first machine. Therefore, economic wise, everyone needs to go back to the basic.

4. "Where is God? Does God exist???"
The answer to the first question "Where is God?", you already read in #1.  The second question "Does God exist???", I think this is your biggest question because you just put three question marks after it. Well, my answer is yes God exists, there are lot of passages in the scriptures that answers this question, and I'll give you some passages for you to read and think of: a.)Psalms 19:1  b.)Romans 1:20 c.)Psalm 139:14 d.) Book of Genesis.  Obviously we see that in book of Genesis ho God created everything, and it's a strong proof that God exists.  If there is a design, there should be a designer.  Something cannot be created out of nothing, therefore it is logical to say that we (the whole human race) are the design and God is the designer.  We don't exist out of nothing, we exist because there is a designer.

Let us just get into a more practical sense on proving whether God exist. Our ecosystem proves that God exists, because it is so well balanced and therefore there must be a designer.  Our universe proves that God exists, because every single detail and parameter were precisely and accurately calculated, therefore there must be a designer.  If let's say the distance of the earth from the sun moved backward by just 0.1% the earth will freeze.  If we move the earth toward the sun by just a tiny bit, the earth will melt.  Everything in our universe were accurately placed and calculated, the gravity of each planet and moon, number of moon per planet, the precise temperature of the earth for human survival.  Let us look at the gravitational force of each planet and moon, if we move the gravitation force in either direction for just an inch, we will not be here. It is so precise that collision is impossible.  We can also look at the human body composition, it is so complicated and every part of the body has its precise function whereas if we remove just only one part, our body will not function correctly.  

There are lots of arguments which proves that God exists.  If our planet, our universe and our body were precisely designed and calculated, therefore it is logical to say that there is an intelligent designer behind the precise creation.

Every good and perfect gift comes from God! (James 1:17)  This is true saying that every good thing that happen after the events of calamity or recessions comes from God.  Just imagine the impact, what if there are no good things that will follow after every calamity and recessions?  It will be a total chaos.  So after all these not so good things, God exist and He shows His mercy upon us by allowing His good plan and good things to happen.  GOD DO EXIST.  

I hope this will give you and our fellow Filipinos some clarity and encouragement. God bless! God bless Philippines.


John 20:29
"Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."


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Christmas time is fast approaching and you can feel and sniff a bit of it's spirit in the air here in Thailand, that is, if you listen to Christmas music or talk to your co-Filipino workers asking if they have plans going home to the Philippines for the holiday season.! How unlike in our country where Christmas season is the most awaited holiday and that those of us who work overseas try our very best to go home and be with our loved ones.
Back home, young and old, rich and poor are excited when Christmas season comes! The spirit of Christmas fills the air starting on the month of September. You can hear Christmas songs played in Malls, radio stations and even in our homes. We will start to decorate our houses, offices, business areas like malls, restaurants and even in parks and plazas. Colorful Christmas lights, lanterns and Christmas trees are present everywhere which make everybody feels that Christmas is here. It adds to our excitement to see Christmas promos and sale of all goods in most department stores and supermarkets (thank God we have SM already in Baguio). Almost all business sectors have their own way of promoting their business on Christmas season.Whoaa...the giving of gifts and receiving of gifts too!
But this time of year, we the people of Cordillera ( and the rest of our country) are so saddened for what had happened for the past month. We lost our loved ones, our properties, our livelihood and it is so heartbreaking to think about them. Those activities mentioned above about our Christmas celebration might not be fulfilled. Some are able to have a feast and have a lavish celebration but knowing that your neighbor is still grieving and in dire need, you might as well lessen the festivities and instead share what you have to your neighbors in need.
So, what about our Christmas wishes? Do we pray not only for our family but also for all the people in the world?


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Kumusta na ang buhay mo dito sa Thailand?

Ilang taon ka na bang nagtratrabaho dito?

Si Babalu at Ang Kanyang Bagong Trabaho

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buddhist punk



Nakikinig ako ngayon sa speech ni "Babalu" sa TV. Siya po ang dating PM nga bansang ito na pinatalsik, at ngayon siya ay ang brand new advisor ng ekonomiya ng Cambodia. Ngayon ko lang narinig itong magsalita sa wikang Inggles, dahil siya ay nagtatalumpati sa harap ng maraming ASEAN-based guests sa Cambo, at dahil ang Cambo ay Inggles ang wika ng business.