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MVT Eagles Soars over Bangkok!!!

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MVT Eagles Soars over Bangkok

How many times have you been invited in an MLM business? How many scams have you heard about this industry? How many millionaires has this industry produced?Will I succeed or would I just be another name in history that rants about this industry? Is the  juice worth the squeeze? These and so many question loomed in head as I listen to the presenter in front of me enthusiastically sharing from the bottom of his heart the uniqueness of their product and the strength of their business.


For so many years I have been invited to join the networking industry there was AMWAY, First Quadrant, Herbalife, Nu Skin but one way or the other I was able to brush them off my sleeve and move on without looking back. I keep saying to myself this business is not for me. I don't want  to go around carrying bag full of beauty and health products. I don't want to sell products that are a 100x more expensive than the ones readily available in the local supermarket. I don't want to join a network that is already saturated with members and competition. For so many years this has been my defense to ward of any potential invites. Alas, my time has come!


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It's has been cold here in Bangkok in the past two days. Today it's 66 degree Fahrenheit/ 18.88 degree Celsius.  It's not normal especially Bangkok is known for her very warm weather and it's summer, this should be the time when it's undesirably hot.

There are pros and cons but in general, I  like the weather myself than the usual. I've had my migraine attack last week for too much sweets intake and the weather when out was really terrible despite less exposure to sunlight.

Massive Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

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As I have watched TV about what happened I cannot believe it that until now I am still safe and my family here.  Yesterday at around 2:46 pm the quake woke me up and I got so scared because there was nobody in the house except me.  I thought it will just stopped right away just like the quake 3 days ago, but it took longer.   I really didn't know what to do.  I thought to go outside the house, but I couldn't even stand up.  The house was shaking , good thing I was on the first floor.   Then my mother in law arrived and my daughter too, when she switched on the TV, we've seen how a quake followed by a big tsunami.  I couldn't believe what I have seen.  So many houses, cars, ships, the livelihood of the people washed out by Tsunami.  All the East Pacific Coast Area were really struck by it.  

This morning when I woke up, I thought everything is just a dream.  Then it wasn't and Japan is still not yet out of danger.  I saw how the big ships suddenly on the road, the cars on the roofs,the rooftops floating everything is destroyed.  

The rescuers found a survivor from the tsunami, an old woman, she is alone.  for almost 12 hours she was alone on a building.   Children's bodies were found.  300 Doctors and patients  stuck in a hospital no more food and the homeless too.

The Phuket Connection

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I am so enthralled to share with all of you the birthing of our baby, Bagong Bayani Modern Day Hero magazine last January 25, 2011.  It is a hard copy magazine published and printed in Singapore but its circulation is worldwide.  For me, the birthing was a novelty because all the members of the editorial board were not in one place to discuss the publication especially during the conception period. So many details to attend to. but i realized that at this digital age and times, so many things are now possible. The media room is the internet. My daughter told me that i belong to the old media school..until now i am not sure if this is good or bad.. 


In my maiden column "The Phuket Connection" i  praised the enterprising guts of our publisher, MJ Salomon, and the journalistic legerdemain of editor-in-chief, Bernard Balanquit, in publishing the magazine, an ambitious venture with a worthy cause. I'm always so proud to extol the talent of Pinoys doing a good job in whatever field of endeavor they are in. Hurray!!  

The Woman Who Should Not Have A Face

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I am not one of those people who will forever whine about global warming.  Let’s face it!  It is a fact and we, humans, must deal with it – like we do when we are subtly facing our own little obstacles: chapped lips, hungry stomach, and even thirsty opening…eww!  Adapt and say no regret, ever!


But, I must admit that what brings hell to me is corruption back home.  It is like the wrong sauce for my spaghetti ala carbonara, makes me wanna puke straight up to the person’s face.  Who am I to judge? Well, I am just a hopeless case of a Filipino wanting change!  And, mind you, we all are!  We all are!!!!  Yes, hopeless!!!!

The Old Path - Bible Exposition

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We are inviting everyone to attend our Bible Exposition to be held on February 8,2011( Tuesday) 6:00 pm at Amari Atrium Bangkok.1880 New Petchaburi Road, Bangkok, Thailand 10310

For more information , you can contact Bro. Luis Nolasco - 0881970926

Why 2011 will be the Year of the Customer

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DJ Miles

Here are five ways shoppers will be better off in the new year:

1) Stricter food standards: A string of salmonella infections in items from alfalfa sprouts to crushed red pepper lead to widespread demand for greater oversight of the nation's food supply. Congress responded with a new law that reforms how the FDA monitors food safety. That marks the biggest change to the oversight system in 70 years, according to the Consumer Federation of America. The law gives the FDA more authority to prevent food contamination and beefs up mandatory inspection periods in food processing plants, among other changes. It should mean that grocery shoppers can have more confidence in what they put in their carts in 2011.

2) Tighter regulations on baby products: After a series of recalls and 32 reported deaths, the Consumer Product Safety Commission decided to end the sale of drop-side cribs altogether. That means parents can no longer buy cribs with movable sides, which sometimes created dangerous gaps. That decision capped a year of high-profile announcements from the commission, including warnings and recalls related to blind cords, baby slings, and strollers. While parents run the risk of recall-fatigue, they are also more informed than ever when it comes to choosing safe products for their children.


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There was a day when I thought I lost my key.  It was quite a story actually because I realized that it was lost(?) as I just stepped out of my apartment gate.  I screamed inside because that was my only copy.  I had never kept duplicates and that meant I had to destroy the door in order to sleep after work.  Sleep!  Yes, that was the only luxury I had…so where is my f’xxkin’ keyyyyyyyy!!??!!!??? 


The Brave and The Bold

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An article dedicated to all the OFW’s all over the world, but most especially to all the FILIPINO teachers here in THAILAND.

(A tribute to all the FILIPINO TEACHERS in Thailand)

 Finally, after several attempts of trying to write an article dedicated to all the teachers here in Thailand. It was only now that I have been able to put my yearning into writing, so to speak.

Filipino Haters are Filipinos Too

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I wrote this Article to address some FIL-AMs in one of supposedly FILIPINO forum sites but all they do is criticize the way we Filipinos live…when in fact they themselves are Filipinos as well.

In more than a month of joining this forum it is here that I saw the atrocities and true nature of FILIPINO character, indeed we are a one of a kind race. We can love other races but some of us are incapable of loving our own kind, of understanding on how the way we live, our culture, and our own way of coping problems. Instead of understanding we yearn to crucify our own people, instead of helping we whine and complain. We criticize and ridicule, simply because common tao would rather shut their mouths than whine about their situations and problems in life.
Who gave you the right to ridicule and judge other people, you can complain on how our leaders run our government but it is another thing to mock people who are poor and those who live live in poverty. Are you better than those who are living and struggling in poverty because you are living in a country, where despite of your being a FILIPINO you were given a chance to live your life as who you are? Are you much better than those who choose to face the hardship and difficulties in life of being a Filipino than for you who choose to run and seek greener pasture because you’re afraid to face the challenges of life? Doesn’t that make you a COWARD? Now that you’re earning green, now that you have a piece of document saying that you’re one of them, an “AMERICAN”. Does it give you the right to laugh at our calamities, at our problems in life or how and where we live? Just because you live in their country, you talk, eat, walk and sometimes act like them does that make you one of them? Why do you hate us so much, aren’t you a Filipino yourself? Have you seen a mirror lately? What color do you think are you? Don’t you have the same color as we have? Haven’t you realize that even if you can speak their language you still sound the way we sound?
Do you know that the more you hate us the more that you hate yourself and when you mock and laugh at us, you are laughing at yourself as well? It’s simple really; you can be compared to a “chico” a grainy kind of a fruit in the Philippines in a container of apples. Just because you were mixed with all those delicious apples does that mean that you’re an apple too? Who is a fool then, is it us who live the way we live our lives and contented with whatever we have? Or it’s because you have the same blood who betrayed our country just to get what they want, the way our first President Emilio Aguinaldo betrayed Andres Bonifacio for him to rule our country. Or maybe you have it in you, the blood of those “MAKAPILI” who choose to betray own kin just to live a life secured and unharmed from the hands of JAPANESE occupants.
Ah! It’s quite clear for me then, you hate our country, you call us DUMB, BRAIN-DRAINED and all the adjectives that you can put on to describe us. The answer is simple my friend, you HATE us because you HATE YOURSELF. YOU despise us because we choose to be what we are, SIMPLE, FRIENDLY, HARD-WORKING, LOVING and HOSPITABLE; we can withstand whatever kind of difficulties that life throws upon us and most of all we can still smile even if we’re hurting deep down inside.
We may not be abundant and rich in our country, but at least we know what and who we are; however you my friend is a sad, confused and lonely bastard wondering in a country that’ll never truly accept you as to who you really are. NGAYON SINO NGA BA ANG BALIW at Sino ang dakila?